Who are we ?

Trek At 10K Feet is born out of the deep commitment of the founding members of E-Hands Energy to enhance the livelihood and income generation opportunities for all those marginalized communities living in villages which are off-road, off-network and off-grid, in Western Uttarakhand. These villages are situated on the most spectacular trek routes in The Himalayas. Hence, our intention is to create an inclusive local economy wherein the trekkers could experience the local hospitality and culture. The communities will be encouraged to welcome the trekkers in the villages, with homestays, cultural events, specialty local cuisines and exquisite wool and other organic, natural merchandise.

What do we do ?

It is estimated that more than 90% of the money the trekkers pay to the tour operators goes to the procurement of materials/services based in Dehradun /Delhi/Bengaluru/Pune/Mumbai/Rishikesh or other cities/towns. The local communities are given the opportunity to work and earn through only by cooking, carrying luggage/tents and managing the mules, and in few cases as guides. That cannot prevent their migration to cities for a better livelihood. The migration is on of the biggest social challenges for this region and a great concern for the national security and the conservation of the Himalayan ecology.

We provide a high-quality trekking package that is local community inclusive. The trekkers can enjoy homestay (solar powered with traditional foods in Sankri, where the trekking starts). The trekkers can also benefit from local & professional guides and cooks and enjoy traditional dress photoshoots. We will include as many local community members as possible into our trekking activities and also procure all the vegetables; Rajma, Buransh juice and other such consumables from the local communities itself. We are committed to engaging the eligible community members as guides and emergency rescue specialists. Also, our trekking package includes transportation between Dehradun and Sankri. We make sure that our trekkers do not have to worry about such transportation challenges.