Kedarkantha– 5 Nights & 6 Days (Package Cost-INR 8,900+5% GST)

Our  Attractions:

  • Village Homestay
  • Traditional Dance
  • Traditional Foods
  • Solar Powered Homestay
  • Hot Water
  • Buransh Juice
  • Aamlach
  • Traditional Dress / Photo Shoot

Kedarkantha means land of Lord Shiva (Lord Shiva is  one of the principal deities of Hinduism, Shiva is the “preserver” in the Hindu trinity (Trimurti) that includes Brahma and Vishnu). Kedarkantha is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Western Himalayas. It gives a feel of second world by its beauty, flora & fauna, species of flowers, animals & pure sweet spring water from oak forest. The peak is accessible in both in summer and winter through Govind National Park.This is the only peak from where one can see Swargarohini – I, II, III, (6,252 mtr.), Bandarpoonch (6,316 mtr.) and Black Peak (6,387mtr.), all together. This high-altitude peak is surrounded by numerous mountains having white snow cover. The path to Kedarkantha is through a green valley & snow-covered mountains. The trek is amidst the alpine forests of Deodar, Red Buransh, White Buransh & Oak etc. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of Sunset, Sunrise, The Himalayan Range, Monal Birds, Musk Deer, Snow Leopards, Bears, Foxes etc. Staying in the village homestay provides you an opportunity to understand the rural part of India, their culture & livelihood conditions.

Trip Highlights:

Duration: 5 Nights | 6 Days
Trekking Days: 4 Days
Best Season: Round the Year
Level: Moderate
Weather: Winter = -5°C to -10°C, Summer = 5°C to 15°C

Overview: This high-altitude trek route is very famous among trekkers and highlanders. The trek starts from lush green forest, follows the Juda Lake and ends up with snow covered mountains. Here we can enjoy the view of Swargarohini – I, II, III, Bandarpoonch and Black Peak all together.

Food: Traditional food for Two days.
Traditional Culture: Traditional Dance / Photography
Total Trekking:  26 KM


Day 01: Dehradun To Sankri Village (Drive-186 KM)

We will start the day early morning from Dehradun to Mori, from Mori we will move along the Tamsa river (Tons River) through Netwar & Motwad. The route is extremely beautiful where you can enjoy view of the river Yamuna, Cable Bridges, Monkeys, Vultures & Kites, etc. Purola is the last big city on the route where you can have access to mobile networks, ATM, scenic view of step farming and lunch provided by us. After Purola we cut into the Tons valley and cross Mori and Netwar. From Netwar we will take the route to Sankri. After reaching Sankri we will move to our homestay.

Route Highlights:

Total Road Distance till Village Sankri: 186 Km from Dehradun

Time to Start Journey from Dehradun: 6.00 AM

Tea:Damta (8.30 AM)

Breakfast / Lunch:Purola (10 AM)

Tea: Netwar (12 PM)

Tea Snacks: Sankri (4 PM)

Night Stay and Dinner at Sankri: 4 PM onwards

Village Sankri: Village Home Stay in Sankri Village in Uttarakhand is memorable, enjoyable & pleasant. This village is adopted by our parent company E-Hands Energy for the smart village development program. Here you can charge your electronics by solar & grid power.  The Home Stay is in the lap of nature surrounded by traditional pahadi houses, mountains, apple orchards & lush green fields.In this village we will offer you traditional food, continuous hot water, natural spring water, comfortable beds with five persons sharing basis. Sankri stands at roughly 1,900 m altitude from sea level. The local deity is the Someshwar Mahadev, A big temple stands in his honor in the center of the village courtyard. In Evening you can enjoy the beauty of village by seeing traditional wood painting in houses, architecture of Pahadi Houses & Lambs etc. During the apple season, you can hand pluck apples from the trees.

Dinner: Organic Rajma with Flavor of Garlic & Onion, Organic Fried Potato with Jakhya (Jakhya –Cleome Viscose, is the spice used in Garhwali dishes to feel the exotic taste of buds) , Kandali ki Sabji (Vegetable of Nettle), Chapatis & Red Hilly Organic Rice with Clarified Butter of Badri Cow & Aamlach (sauce made from local fruits, taste is very sour and the water will come from your mouth whenever you will memorize the taste)

Day 02: Sankri to Juda Lake (5 KM Trek )
We will leave Sankri homestay in morning  after having a light breakfast. The trek is of moderate difficulty, going along the lush green forest. This grassy forest is home to Gujjars and their herds of cattle and equines. You can easily see Sheep, Bhotiya dog, Badri cows, Buffaloes, Horses and Kacchars (Mules) grazing in the pastures. In between we will have snacks & tea. After crossing half-dozen meadows, we will reach Juda Lake. Juda lake is located at an altitude of 2,700 meter.  This lake contains crystal clear water and numerous of Deodar trees. Here you can enjoy to take photographs of the lake and you can loudly say the name of your love one’s, and the lake will echo it back to you. This lake has small island in it which reminds you about the Parasar Lake in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Evening tea, Snacks & Dinner.

Day 03: Juda Lake to Kedarkantha Base (6 KM Trek)

After breakfast from Juda Lake we will move in early morning towards BaniyaThaach and then towards Kedarkantha, Kedarkantha is a prime area which belongs to Lord the Shiva. We will reach Kedarkantha Summit (3,812mtr). Here we can enjoy the beautiful view of Mountains, Flowers, Monal Birds & other species of birds. The beautiful Swargarohini, Harkidun Valley and Kalanag (Black Peak) stands tall over looking this Valley of God. It has very beautiful views and is very picturesque. Here we will set up our tents. Lunch, Evening Tea, Snacks & Dinner will be served in Tents

Day 04: Kedarkantha Base to Hargano Thaach (7 KM Trek)

After breakfast at Kedarkantha camp, we will leave for Hargano Thaach at a leisurely time. Here we will set up our base camp, Lunch, Dinner & Salted Butter Tea from the taste of Spiti Valley will be served in Tents.

Day 05: Hargano Thaach to Sankri Village(7 KM Trek)
The trek on this day is mostly downwards and slippery. You need to walk carefully. In between we will see the beautiful apple orchards & small hamlets of local people. On the way, we will serve snacks. After 6 Hour of trekking we will reach at Sankari Village. Where we will welcome you with below special attractions.

Special Attraction:

    • Traditional Dance
    • Arsa & Rote in Snacks with Organic Tea
    • Dinner: Kadhayi Paneer / Egg Curry, Rice , White Organic Rajma, Chapaties & Kheer of Raamdana (Amaranthus Red Seeds)

Day 06: Sankari to Dehradun (186 KM Drive)
On day sixwe will start our journey from Sankri to Dehradun at 8 AM. We will arrange for private transport till Dehradun. We take the same route back to Dehradun, via Mori, Purola and Damta.

Participants Must Bring:

  • Backpack of 30-50 Litres
  • Hiking Boots
  • Any Adventure tools you may want to carry
  • Woolen Socks, Jacket, Thick Wool Monkey Cap, Thermal Underpants, Full Sleeve Shirts, Rain Coat, Warm Gloves
  • Sun Glasses, One Ltr Water Bottle
  • Toiletries & Towel
  • Sun Protection Lotion, Lip Balm & Ankle Support
  • Light Weight Sandals for wearing in Camps